Zoap is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava. This powerhouse’s evenly distributed waves of euphoria and optimism arrive quickly. On Leafly, users have commented that Zoap marijuana makes them feel giddy, relaxed, and hungry. Zoap can have earthy undertones along with sweet, fruity aromas of citrus or cherry.

ZOAP (Wizard Trees)


At first glance, the colas appear an off-whitish hue, but that is only due to the thick layer of resinous trichome crystals. Looking closer, you can see the deep purple hues from the foilage and long curly orange hairs.   The aroma captures the essence of both parents very well. I would describe the nose as complex sweet fruit notes and sharp herbal notes. The complicated marriage of the two leads to a sharp effervescence often seen in bars of soap, and I can see the inspiration.

The Inhale & The Exhale

 Ok, so the flavor is really where the soap notes become very present. Wow. So Trippy. The inhale begins with sweet funky guava notes with delicate hints of sherbert not long before evolving into sweet woody earthy exhale. The lingering soap notes have me feeling like Ralphy from a Christmas Story.

The Smoking Experience

 I enjoy a unique flavor profile, and this strain has one of the most unique profiles I have ever tried. Not to mention, the strain smokes and burns very clean. The smoke is not thick or thin but just right. 

The High

 The stone of the flowers is delightful. While sedative, I find it very functional, making this a very enjoyable review to write. Thanks, Wizards Trees and Deep East.


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