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Wazabi strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Kush Mints #10 strains. One of the most well-known strains comes from a little village in the mountains of Pakistan called Ten Co Wazabi. Ten Co Wasabi literally translates to “ten brave strains” in Urdu. One of the important varieties of Indore is the ten co wasabi strain.

That is renowned throughout the entire world for its strength and capacity for disease resistance.

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One of the illustrious breeders from Indore is the ten co wazabi. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza discovered this on the Karol Bagh and its environs in the year 1989, by the way. It was discovered it had ten chromosomes. This strain was the first of its sort when compared to other common indicas. This strain was given that name due of its distinctive leaf form, which resembles the letter “C” in the Urdu alphabet.

The ten co wazabi has a double columella that is both tall and narrow. Consequently, the tops of its four petals’ pointy ends. The ten co has its white, pink, and dark greenish blossoms. that completely round its body from the leaves’ base to its crown and white neck. The high rate of success led to the naming of the ten co wasabi strain. That was true among the nearby farmers.

It is also referred as as being 50% indica and 50% sativa. One of the strongest indica-dominant hybrid strains is ten co. Currently, the ten co is regarded as a late bloomer with high disease resistance. This makes it the perfect variety for the majority of dedicated and hardy growers.


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