Space Runtz


Space Runtz

The delectable Zkittlez X Gelato strains were crossed to generate Space Runtz, a hybrid strain with a 50/50 indica/sativa ratio. Space Runtz, so named for its mouthwatering flavor and extraordinary high, is the ideal selection for any fan of hybrids. Similar to its parent strains, this bud produces an exhale that is little acidic and zesty and tastes like cherry candy. Fresh and sweet sugary candies with a punch of extremely acidic citrus and earthy herbs make up the scent.

A few minutes after your last exhale, you start to experience the  high, which fills your brain with an elevated sense of happiness and a hint of mental focus. You’ll be motivated to complete any artistic work on your to-do list and feel inspired.

But you’d better go quickly because you’ll experience a wave of intense relaxation that will drag you into a drowsy, medicated state of complete tranquility and ease.

These effects, along with  19–21% average THC content, make it an excellent choice for treating diseases like chronic pain, sleeplessness, melancholy, chronic stress, and nightmares. Thick reddish-orange hairs, fluffy popcorn-shaped olive green nugs with strong purple overtones, and a layer of tiny, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes are all characteristics of Space Runtz buds.



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Oz, Qp, Hp, Lb

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