Platinum Kush Breath

Platinum Kush Breath


Hybrid | AAA+ | THC: 18.5%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Relaxation               100%
  • Euphoria                   70%
  • Sleepiness                 65%
  • Happiness                 45%
  • Uplifted                     40%


Platinum Kush Breath

Platinum Kush Breath is an indica-dominant strain that takes on a platinum-silver shade due to its thick coat of crystal resin. With purple hues and bright orange hairs, its buds grow dense with a sweet fruity and hashy aroma. Its THC content can measure up to about 18% with trace levels of CBD, and its buzz has been described as strongly cerebral and body-numbing.

Platinum Kush Breath • Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Platinum Kush Breath, so named for its stunning appearance and celebrity pedigree, is the ideal strain for anyone who enjoys traditional indicas. This bud features flat, heart-shaped dusty green nugs covered in numerous thin, dark orange hairs and a thick, frosty layer of trichomes that are silvery amber in color. Aromas of spicy hash and earthy berries are released when you break apart each sparkling little nugget, and the more you smoke, the spicier they get. The flavor is on the milder side, with a black pepper and hash accentuating the sweet and delicious berry overtone.

A few minutes after you’ve finished exhaling, the Platinum Kush Breath high will hit you, filling your brain with an upbeat and heady lift that drowns out any negative or racing thoughts, replace them with a blissful ignorance. A tingly body high will gradually take hold of you while your mind drifts into this joyful state, leaving your limbs immobile and inert for hours on end.

Due to these calming effects and its high average THC content of 30%+, Platinum Kush Breath is frequently used to treat depression, chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, cramps, and muscle spasms.


7g, 14g, ounce, quarter pound, half pound, pound

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