Melmac Mushroom


Melmac Mushroom

A nice strain for intermediate to experienced psychonauts is Melmac. They are highly strong and will produce some bizarre visions. If you allow them, these mushrooms are incredibly introspective and will lead you on a quest for self-awareness.


Melmac is an alien-looking mushroom that can range in size from a very large mushroom to a short, stubby mushroom with an alien-looking top. Like Penis Envy, Melmac is also very easily bruised as a sneak peek at the intense trip you’re about to have.

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Melmac mushrooms have a very strong euphoria and are highly potent. They are also among the mushrooms that stimulate the senses the most, producing vivid hallucinations. Melmac will lead you on a shamanic adventure filled with mystically profound vision quests. These mushrooms can let you learn things about yourself that you never imagined were possible because they are introspective.


Melmac is quite potent and should be used with caution, just like Penis Envy, although even bigger doses of this strain may be a lot of fun. Additionally, they are excellent for contemplation and virtually shamanic journeys.

0.1-0.35g-Microdose – background work, you may feel a slight boost in mood and some extra energy
0.5-1.5g – Light dose – recreational
2-3.5g – Moderate dose – recreational – closed eye visuals, very euphoric
4-5g – Strong dose – bordering on a spiritual dose, open and closed eye visuals usually
5g+ – Heroic or Spiritual dose – intense visuals and euphoria, high doses like this are where people usually experience an altered sense of self or ego death


Oz, Qp, Hp, Lb

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