Malawi Gold


Malawi Gold

Legendary landrace strain Malawi Gold has been produced spontaneously in Malawi for many years. Its morphology is still constant, uniform, and climate-adaptable. Malawi Gold has tall, resin-coated buds that are low in calyx-to-leaf ratio and generate tall plants with them. This strain has a seductive floral scent with undertones of soil and herbs. If you’re fortunate enough to come across this legendary strain, enjoy its strong and energizing effects knowing that you’re smoking one of the last remaining cannabis relatives.


Malawi Strain Review - Bonza Blog

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but this strain is a dear friend to every cannabis user out there. Known for its stimulating effects and mystical charm, these classic Sativa buds will have you feeling refreshed with a clear head and recharged with a burst of social energy. It seems like every day, we come across the almighty hybrids that are ruling the market with their unique effects, but there’s something so classic about a pure Sativa.

Now, gold is usually known for its weight and wealth; however, with Malawi Gold, you can keep the rich buzz that sits with moderate THC levels of 9%-13%, as you get rid of the heavy and anxious feeling that some users detest.Bringing us a complete flavor profile that has you embracing its sweet and warm notes that are often associated with bananas, we can guarantee that Malawi Gold will reign supreme in your suburb bud collection.


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