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Jedi Mind Fuck

The Jedi Mind Fuck is a Psilocybe cubensis of the next generation. It was first found growing in the wild in Georgia in the early 2000s by “Myco Joe,” a pretty renowned modern mycologist. We believe he kept this wild cubensis isolated until it was stable, preventing it from being infected by other diseases or strains. After that, Joe started distributing these cosmic cubes to other mycologists.

The Jedi Mind Fuck has relatively huge caps and thick, long stems when it is grown and growing in the wild. This strain is renowned for both its psilocybin potency and its cosmic insights, as suggested by its name. Les Fleming, a psychonaut, wrote that his Jedi Mind Fuck experience made him feel like a “transcendental being of pure light,” that he had felt “absolute love,” and that he had discovered that God was real: But not in the conventional sense; rather, in the sense that everything and everyone is God and that we are all one awareness. I have never experienced an encounter like this. a total reset of one’s existence. I now recognize how it affected me and led me to a road of compassion, wisdom, patience, and comprehension.


Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms - Shrooms and Edibles

Given that the Jedi Mind Fuck constantly ranks among the top 10 Psilocybe cubensis strains online, it must be common for this variety to produce cosmic experiences of this kind. This strain warrants additional investigation in the current period of clinical research into the therapeutic uses of psychedelics. The dense, dark ellipsoidal formations and 4-spored basidia of the Jedi will be fascinating to mycologists and microscopists.

Jedi Mind Fucking Us Mushroom spores are sold suspended in sterile, distilled water and housed in a 10CC syringe. Shaman mushroom spores are exclusively intended for use in microscopy studies. The Jedi Mind Fuck is extraordinary, despite having been found growing in the wild for the first time in Georgia.


With JMF, you’ll be immersed in a stunningly beautiful universe. You’ll see warping, fractals, geometric patterns, and closed-eye visions. Magic mushrooms called Jedi Mind Fuck are also extremely introspective. You’ll be compelled to spend hours sitting and analyzing everything.


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