Green Dot Labs Cartridges

Green Dot Labs Cartridges



Green Dot Labs cartridges are filled with pure, undiluted live resin extracted from living cannabis plants. The oil in Green Dot Labs’ cartridges consist solely of the cannabis plant’s naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. They do not add any additional ingredients to the live resin in our cartridges, including diluents like propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400, vegetable glycerin, MCT, and Vitamin E acetate; potency and viscosity-enhancing cannabis distillate or CO2 oil; or terpenes derived from any source other than the mother plant.

Marijuana Pot Head introduces Green Dot Labs (500mg) oil catridges, one of the best selling vape oil catriges in Colorado.

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In April 2018, Green Dot Labs introduced Colorado to the Holy Grail of vape pens: a cartridge filled with pure, raw, cannabis essential oil. While other companies use additives or intensive processes to make their concentrates the right consistency to vape, Green Dot Labs fills their cartridges with straight-up, unadulterated, live resin—an anomaly in the cannabis industry.

As we walked through Green Dot Labs’ 12,000-sq-ft facility, Alana explained that by keeping total control of their breeding, cultivation, extraction, refinement, testing, processing, packaging, labeling, distribution, and supply chain, they can ensure that every single part of the process is done to their exact standards.

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