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Georgia Pie Strain

Georgia Pie is a hybrid strain created by Seed Junky Genetics in California. The hybrid strain, which features berry flavors as well as virtually overpowering full-body euphoria, is a cross between Kush Mints and Gellati. Not only does the strain have THC levels in the mid-to-upper 20s, but it also has the potential to maintain 3% CBD, which can easily leave you buzzing. This strain excels at providing a flavor of Georgia Pie (or what most people would refer to as peach cobbler) and a surge of pleasant emotions.

Georgia Pie blooms in 9–10 weeks and produces an astounding 18 oz. per plant of useable cannabis when cultivated outdoors. In October, when it is warm and humid, the plants are ready for harvest. Expert growers advise novices to always purchase feminized seeds for the best outcomes. Georgia Pie blooms in tiny, extremely dense nugs that resemble popcorn puffs and are dotted with sticky, snow-covered crystals with undertones of lavender coloration.


Growers that want to use their garden as a source of premium concentrates like Georgia Pie because, when cared for properly, it generates a ton of trichomes. This strain requires constant trimming in a significant amount to produce these results.

Ocimene, the primary terpene in this strain, aids users in overcoming sadness and inspires emotions of creativity and contentment. Georgia Pie, which is also thought to have aphrodisiacal properties, can provide relief for people who experience muscle spasms, soreness, and exhaustion.


Georgia Pie Smalls (19% THC)- Oz - CALI XPRESS California Weed Delivery Service

Georgia Pie is a smooth flavor that hits you in the mouth with a burst of rich, vibrant cherry flavor blended with nuttiness, like warm dough.

You’ll feel warm and hazy all over while smoking this strain, as well as tingling and a little out of it. Users of Georgia Pie Strain turn to the strain when they are feeling uplifted, ravenous, cheerful, or aroused to get their appetites back, get rid of their motion sickness, or get some sleep after a bad night.

The effects of this strain are a delicate balance of invigorating and sedating, giving you a taste of both as you ride up and down. The greatest benefit is its mind-expanding emotions of joyful calm, though many users also report experiencing dry lips and eyes.


Oz, Qp, Hp, Lb

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