Animal Mints


Animal Mints Strain

Animal Mints Strain is a  tasty quick hybrid strain that elevates mood. This indoor variant of freshly made cookies has a particular scent and a flavor that leans somewhat earthy. It is quite tasty and has 31.5% THC, so I advise waiting around 15 minutes before feeling the full effects.

Animal Mints Taste

The animal mints strain is undoubtedly impressive. It includes white animal mints and a creamy, somewhat spicy scent. The sweet flavor is a blend of cookies and mint, much like its scent from Columbia Care Kush Mints. It tastes similar to my other fave strain’s cookie glue, which is sweet and tasty.

Phoenix Cannabis Co.'s Animal Mints Marijuana Strain

Animal Mints Effects

Users of the marijuana strain Animal Mints experience extreme intoxication due to its high THC content. It comes on quickly and brutally, transforming you from alert to unconscious in a matter of minutes. As its cerebral high wears off on you, you’ll feel joyful and uplifted. Your state of relaxation and slumber worsen as its effects grow stronger. Therefore, think about using Animal Mints at night.

Adverse Effects

  • Dizzy

  • Paranoid

  • Headache


Ounce, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, Pound

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